About All County Tree

Feeding your trees with fertilizer is a service that only All County Tree can provide accurately.

Feed your trees with All County Trees programs that include customized tree fertilizer mixtures that contain one or more of the following ingredients:

Macronutrients - Slow release nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium
(Encourages plant health).

Micronutrients - Ingredients to correct mineral deficiencies.

Mycorrhizae - Essential fungus to simulate the forest environment.

Tree Fertilizer — For Healthy Trees and Shrubs!

Tree fertilizer is vital for maintaining the beauty of your landscape. Like all living things, plants require nutrients in order to grow strong and healthy. In an urban or suburban environment, nutrient deficiencies are a particular danger to the health of your trees. In these environments, leaves, your trees natural nutrient source, often are removed.

As a result, the trees on your property are forced to compete with turf and other vegetation for remaining food supply and water. This, coupled with stress from compacted soils, drought and root space infringement, causes deficiencies.

Natural Lawn Fertilization

We have an IPM program that offers an environmentally responsible approach to lawn care. We use fertilizer that is synthetic granular, but has specific amounts of water-insoluble nitrogen. Pesticides are used in this program but on a limited basis. As with all of our applications, the excess fertilizer is removed from the pavement and other hard surfaces.

• Six (6) granular fertilizer apps. (Low phosphorus and 30%-50% water insoluble nitrogen)
• Liquid weed control (If desired, if needed)
• Excess fertilizer blown off of sidewalks, driveways, patios, etc.
• Monitoring by certified technicians every 4-6 weeks
• Soil testing


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